Is the webmaster of this site. She works with a powermac 9600 and a Pentium II, and uses mainly Fractal's Painter 5.5 software, but also Director, Flash, After effects, Premiere,etc. She works as an illustrator, animator, video editor and webdesigner on a free lance basis. Art Studio Amsterdam is not only a virtual place. It really exists, and sometimes web friends visit the studio "in real life". Barbara is glued to her screen, and is almost always at home. (Oh dear, now I have to live up to that statement ;-) She is 35 years old, and married to Jan van der Horn, a photographer. Both of them are inspired by children's dreams and fairy tales. There is no other message than beauty and a love for nature.

The studio office


As we have so many talented and artistic friends, we like to present them to you as guests. After some period of time, they will become inhabitants of the site for good.

A special place is in the music section, about Tibor de Machula who was a cellist of great merit, and a fine dad too.

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